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What People Are Saying About Us


“Dr. Kelsey Smith is the most amazing and caring doctor I've ever met. She's helped improve my life in so many healing ways. I don't know what I would do without her! I refer everyone I know here.”


“I came in unable to walk standing up and in severe pain. Dr. Kelsey helped me greatly. I am now able to walk standing up, function in most ADL activities, and return to work. She helped me when physicians ordered testing and long waiting periods to follow up on these test. I am very thankful for having been referred to Dr. Kelsey.”


“I love Dr. Kelsey! 
I am also a chiropractor and she is one of the best I have ever been to!” 


“I had been to a physician and a nutritionist recommend by the physician, and never have I experienced the care and relief, as well as the nutritional advice and instruction that I have from Dr. Kelsey. She has been a vital part of my recovery towards full functional health and wellness. I really enjoyed the care I received from her. I'm grateful and appreciative for all she's done for me. Thank you, Dr. Kelsey Smith for all you’ve done! I appreciate it! G-D Bless you and your family! Have a good one!”


“Overall feeling much better with the help from Dr. Kelsey Smith. She is amazing!”


“I started seeing Dr. Kelsey Smith for chiropractic last year. It has been the best experience with chiropractic care I’ve ever had. Having visited several chiropractors in the past and struggling with chronic back pain for over 10 years, she has got me to the point of zero pain. I’ve learned chronic pain is not just a part of life to accept.”


"Dr. Kelsey's knowledge seems to be never-ending. Her ability to connect all the dots and make sense of what is going on in your body is uncanny. Regardless of what you are dealing with, she will find a way to bring your back to wellness. You owe it to yourself to go see her!"


“Their whole practice is amazing. They are always so flexible and helpful. They’ve accommodated us on multiple occasions when it wasn’t exactly convenient because they truly care about their patients. Thank you for being so wonderful, especially to the office staff and Dr. Kelsey.”


“Dr. Kelsey helped educate and change eating habits even though I thought I was eating healthy. I have more energy, less constipation. She explained and outlined plans well and made sure I had a clear understanding.”


“I’m a doctor myself and I really appreciate what [Dr. Kelsey] has done for myself, my family, and patients I’ve referred. Recently I’ve been seeing Dr. Kelsey. She’s gentle, kind, and very knowledgeable.”


“Dr. Kelsey's nutritional consulting has helped me tremendously with my decade battle of emotional eating. In just a few short months, she has helped me make behavioral changes, which have helped me win my war with stress eating. What I appreciate most about Dr. Kelsey is her non-judgmental approach, and allowing me to come to my own realization about the changes I need to make -in such a stress-free and positive environment. I highly recommend Dr. Kelsey to anyone in search of living a healthier life style.”

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