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Low Back Pain? Try These Exercises from the Comfort of Your Home.

As a chiropractor, you'd probably expect me to say "Low back pain? Just get adjusted and you'll be great!". Although getting adjusted can be pivotal in managing low back discomfort, the only way to truly get rid of the pain is to fix what is causing it in the first place.

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints of patients seeking chiropractic care. Why? Because so many people experience it. In fact, about 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time(1). And experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some time in their lives(2). So what they're saying is even if you don't currently have low back pain, you have a good chance of developing it at some point.

What causes low back pain? The low back is a complex combination of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and organs. A deviation form health in any of these structures could lead to discomfort in the area. From muscle spasm, ligament sprain, ruptured discs, vertebral subluxation, constipation, menstruation, kidney disease and stones, to direct trauma to the area, it may take seeing an expert to get to the root cause of your low back pain. Another possible cause of low back pain that is often over looked is the emotional component. For more information visit our website.

In my experience, a common reason for low back discomfort is merely from a lack of core strength. Most people think of their core as only their abs., when in reality your core is composed of a network of muscles that stabilize your pelvis, abdomen, and back. This lack of core strength is incredibly common in our sitting-society. If you spend more than four hours sitting at a desk each day and are struggling with low back discomfort, theres a good possibility that your back pain is due to a lack of core strength.

The good news? There is an easy solution and it is something you can do to help yourself from the comfort of your own home! Try implementing the following exercises daily and feel your low back pain melt away:

  • Plank

  • Superman

  • Squats

  • Crunches

  • Hamstring Stretch

Doing these exercises properly is critical in getting the results you want. Consider asking a personal trainer, a physical therapist, or a chiropractor to show you how to perform these properly. If after performing these exercises daily for two weeks with no reduction in your low back pain, it may be safe to assume you have more contributing to the discomfort than just a lack of core strength. Seek out a local chiropractor to help you uncover the root cause to your low back pain.

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*This material is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making changes that could impact your health.

1. Jensen M, Brant-Zawadzki M, Obuchowski N, et al. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Lumbar Spine in People Without Back Pain. N Engl J Med 1994; 331: 69-116.

2. Rubin Dl. Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Spine Pain. Neurol Clin. 2007; May;25(2):353-71.

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